Students having fun with friends while eating at the 乌鸦的巢


At the heart of the Lumen Vitae University Center lies the Crow’s Nest, the university’s campus restaurant, open 24/7 to students and guests during the school year. This innovative campus dining experience abandons the confines of the traditional college cafeteria, offering a venue for great food and a hearth by which real friendships flourish.


“的 Crow’s Nest” is an homage to the lookout post high on the mast of a marauder’s sailing vessel, and also to the crow or raven that fed the young St. Benedict as he first nurtured the thought of Benedictine life. 

的 interior continues the Marauders theme: 斯特恩 offers soup and salad (to include Knoephla Soup, a local favorite); 戴维·琼斯熟食店 provides a self-service sandwich bar complete with panini press; the 宝箱 offers a display of fine desserts; 七大洋 offers cuisine from around the world; the 主甲板 features the entrée of the day; the Buccaneer Breakfast Bar provides continental breakfast options all day long; the Jolly Roger Grill provides grilled fare like cheese汉堡 and brats, while the 板材 serves up pasta dishes and true wood-fired pizza. 的 过敏停住! station caters to particular dietary needs (intolerances, allergies, aversions, etc.),而 达科塔首页style station showcases cuisine particular to the German-Russian and Scandinavian heritage of North Dakota. 的 Crow’s Nest also features Susanne's, a full-service We Proudly Brew Caribou Coffee shop that is accessible at no extra cost to all guests with a university meal plan.

Susanne’s Coffee Shop 

This bustling coffee shop located in the 乌鸦的巢 is open 7 am-10 pm, with its Grab-and-Go service outside the restaurant for those without a meal plan. Susanne’s serves We Proudly Brew Caribou Coffee--hot, 冰, and blended--as well as a variety of teas. For guests ordering from inside the Crow’s Nest, Susanne’s is free of charge. Along with traditional forms of payment, the Grab-and-Go service also accepts Marauders Bucks!

社区 Just Like 首页

的 Crow’s Nest is a great place for dining, but also for studying and hanging out with friends. 的 uniquely designed dining area provides plenty of areas for quiet study (complete with charging stations for computers, 平板电脑, 还有手机). It also offers in-house printing and monitors that can be used to cast a group project to the big screen or to watch a favorite TV channel. Each table has a treasure chest with a cribbage board, poker deck, and trivia cards. 的 north end of the dining area boasts two custom pool tables, a shuffleboard table, and a custom UMary Bubble Hockey Table. Students can also vote on what music plays throughout the space, adding an extra layer of interaction and friendly competition. 

的re is more to discover in the Crow’s Nest! Guests enter the Crow’s Nest by purchasing one of the University’s various meal plans or simply paying at the front desk.

UMary 餐厅 服务s is now cashless. Please use MCard, credit, or debit card to pay.


Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for Mary students

  • Breakfast: 7 am - 11 am
    门价:10美元.43; ages 5-10: $4.74; ages 65+: $8.53
  • 午餐:上午11时至下午5时
    门价:14美元.22; ages 5-10: $7.58; ages 65+: $11.37
  • Dinner: 5 pm - 10 pm
    门价:16美元.11; ages 5-10: $9.48; ages 65+: $13.27 

7 am to 9 pm (every day)



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Questions 关于 Catering?

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